Pick Me Up.

Do you remember this hallway?

We illustration people had a day off today, so we decided to spend it wisely by visiting 'Pick Me Up' exhibition at Sommerset House. It was exciting. I remembered visiting the exhibition for the first time last year, it was a blast.
With this contemporary graphic art fair, I was pretty happy to see the most innovative and avant-garde graphic artists, collectives and galleries mostly from UK and across the world are exhibiting and selling affordable artworks.
Here are two of the artwork's pictures that I took, I like it sense of humor. A kid getting a bowl-hair-cut and a Snow god (which i think the god was combing his long blonde hair to get rid of the dandruff, so funny)


A picture for you. My eyes looked extremely tiny (it IS tiny but this picture has brought it to a whole new level of tininess, I blamed half an hour spending in the Cinema section at the fair where they were showing animations, moving image works)

We had dinner after. Then I went to Apple store to buy a new charger for my Mac as the old one is not working properly anymore.
And today is St Patrick's Day, I enjoyed people in green costumes and the holiday's jolly atmosphere. Even in Apple store.

A little surprise from Apple. As soon as I finished my payment and on my way out, music started to play. I stopped and spent sometimes at the lounge with my friends, enjoying the live gig. Julian Velard and his classic 70s-inspired piano pop one-man-band. Charming and talented. ('Spotlight' much :P)

To end this entry, here is the saver of my Mac. No, thank YOU. (and thanks to Susan and her staff discount, I got 10% off yay)

Simon Phan

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