2017 Highlights

A quick recap of my 2017 - the year of travel & the year before fatherhood.
(2013 HERE & 2014 HERE!)


Kicking off with the big trip to visit Japan for Tet Lunar New Year.
Japan. Was. Amazing. (as you probably know)
Loving the mindfulness of others everywhere I went. And apart from the extravagant cost of living, the sightseeings, culture and cuisine were so well-worth exploring.
Osaka is probably my favourite of all the cities we visited. It's not so crowded, many things happening and you get to see locals being themselves. (**All the cool hip shops are around Orange street.)


After all the yapping from my Dad about not knowing how to drive a car for years, I got my arse signing up for car-driving lesson and got the licence after one failed attempt. *lol*


I've become a frequent gym-goer with an aim for a healthier lifestyle.
The reality hit in early 2016, when I realized I've reached 80kg, the heaviest I've ever been in my life. Shout out for SC & Ryan for the helps and encouragements along the way, I gradually get used to the routine of going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I've managed to learn about different types of exercise and found myself utterly in love with BodyCombat.
Hoa also boosted with a Boxing package as the bday gift for me this year!
Now, I keep myself at a decent balance between 70kg & 72kg.


These lovely oversea monkeys visited me & Hoa to explore our beloved Saigon.


Awaking my inner raver and really went for it. (lol)
3 raves of 2017: Tranmission Thailand, Armin Embrace Tour Singapore and Armin by Vinaphone Saigon.


Back to travel mood with some quick weekend getaway trips to Cat Tien National Park, Phan Thiet and Phu Quoc - where we found out Hoa's pregnant on the day of island-hopping by canoe! *shook*


After all the gender guessing, with the overwhelming votes for boy, its a BABY GIRL! *happy tears* Me & Hoa has been through a rollercoaster of emotions. How funny that we had prep ourselves mentally and physically how to raise a boy. We then had to do the prepping process all over again. This time, it's more difficult and mind-boggling when you know that it's your precious little princess!


We wanted to have a last duo travel-venture, before bébé arrives. So we headed to Taipei for 5 days!
What unexpected was that Taipei was hotter than Saigon! I think it was 37-38° C! The heat were unbearable that we could not last a whole day outing. It has to be in and out of the hotel for short break to recharge.
Jiufen would be the highlight of the trip! This mountain town that inspired Mizayaki's movie - Spirited Away, which used to be a mining hub for gold back in the Japanese-era. Small, touristy but beautiful!


Welcoming petitpomme - Táo into the world! First youngest member of the pack, I'd love to chew on those fluffy cheeks!


And here came the exciting yet stressful Inktober! However, this year I failed to complete the whole month, only got to the 27th. A great training process for your creative thinking. Fancy a try to see if you can survive under pressure? Join me next year!


For many of those who still wonder what I do - I've been doing freelance graphic since 2016.
This year,  I'm honoured to be part of many exciting projects, to name a few: Grand Opening of the New L'Usine, The RuNam Gift show of 2018 & ARTE photoshoot.
This December has been very special with the birth of our long-awaited brand: Ohquao - paper goods and design collective based in Saigon. We've successfully launched at the Xmas Art Market and now you can find our first range of products at inpages (D.2), Vietcetera Cafe (D.3) and Collective Memory (Hanoi).


Wedding bells ringing for LN this year! In tears of joy, we wish her a life time of happiness!

Hoa (29w) has awaited so patiently to attend the wedding and then heading off to Prague (where we planned to have our baby girl) the very next day. Rewind those days when you can see the tummy grew...


After 65 days apart, I finally got my Schengen visa granted and reunited with Hoa (38w) in the old town of Prague, Czech Republic.

2017 - what a year! As I'm writing to you, the baby is due soon. I hope you had a wonderful year too.
Looking forward to 2018 with a very extraordinary family member - little bébé Đông Đông!
Lots of love,
Simon D Phan

Simon Phan

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