2013 Highlights

I always love to write stuffs. Anything really. . .
Time and my alter ego are my all-time worst enemies!
But 2013 is such a remarkable year due to my personal experience, I thought I would share with you some highlights reflecting all the things that I've done, places that I've been to and hard decisions I had made due to the unbearable adulthood. Sit back, relax and enjoy a couple last hours of 2013!

First day of 2013, me and HH spent a lovely night-in watching the fireworks from our window in the 14th-floor apartment near Canary Whaft. A quiet, peaceful time when we comforted each other to sleep. 

HH officially graduated but then quickly got back to her uni life with a following year-long Master degree course. Unlike my turtle-speed slowness, final year ate me up quickly like a yummy main-course. Energy drained and sleepless nights flashed back a horrible period of student life.

11pm and still going strong. Cheese-alert: Us studying hard for a better future ahead. Oh well! 
I still remember very clearly the moment I dropped my dissertation folder into the hand-in box. That landing sound, the clenching papers and lightly stomachache. "No looking back" - I whispered to myself and quickly walked out of uni and took the rest of the day off! 

Hasting trip with my class, an eye-opening day-out where we visited a bunch of artists' studios in this beautiful town by the sea. I got such great experience getting to know each artist in both industrial-wise and as a person. Highlight of the day was for me to meet my most favourite collagist, Martin O'neil. Such a fan boy I was!

Another home-away Tet holiday (traditional Vietnamese Lunar New Year) as we waited till it's midnight in Vietnam to call our family and share this precious moment of Lunar New Year. You get some, you lose some but I can strongly confirm that the things you learn during your abroad life will undeniably knock out those little things that you thought you will miss if you stay.

Like cooking and baking! 

Nothing can compare to the love of travelling from both me and HH. There's a saying in our country that states the more you go, the more you learn, which is definitely our mojo. 

A great project with Sir John Ramsden where we helped organise photography exhibitions from London to Hanoi. 

 Final Hand-In day and Final Degree Show were the days that marked the end of my student life (for now). And yes, I effing cut myself quite badly right before that start of the Private View night. But hey, thumb up, we were done! Jewel and Hannah obviously were done way before me haha!

Always try new things like ceramic making workshop, going to rooftop cinema experience or just simply dress up as a Red Indian with peacock feathers on your head for a party

Finally graduated. Dad, sister and cousins came to my graduation ceremony.

Looking for a job in London is hard, not to mention I'm a freshly graduate, international student, to be precise! Its so much tougher! So I have to make a what-I-think most nerve-recking decision, was to go back home. . . for good!

So I went on a country retreat trip to Cornwall for a week. It was awesome and fun with hiking, lots of walking and bath-tubbing.

Why not get inked in London as a farewell gift? So I did.

Farewell was extremely hard. I've prepared but it didn't make it any less difficult.

Back in Vietnam and made myself busy with reunions, coffee catch-ups and travelling a bit.

Landed myself a job at a boutique art studio in Saigon and get to teach kids all type of arts! 

And a warm, heartfelt Christmas party with old and new friends. 

So yeah, it's an eventful 2013 with many notes of joy. I would love to hear about your 2013 too!
Drop me a link or tag me :) 
Happy New Year everyone! 

Simon Phan

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