Photo Journal: Wedding Fiesta!

Looking back on our wedding, there are countless moments where each and every single individual who had made their time to visit us, join us and celebrate with us... me and Hoa want to thank you with all our hearts. I would not want to lose any of the memories, so let keep it here so we can look back on this special occasion some day. Including: the behind-the-scene of the wedding prep, the round-and-about tour of Saigon town, the genuine bachelor-party-but-not-really... 
Rita in da house - welcome drink at Bui Vien.

"I'm pretty it fits my hair"

What a show off!

Rita lovin' it! SNAP CHAT QUEEN!
Photoshoot Number 2.

Bride in action.

Phi was also working it!

Those boys-night-out before D-Day.

Welcoming Vivian and Bao Linh back in town.

No comment.

Bao Linh, photo queen. 
So I got 'kidnapped' on the night before the wedding to head to Vung Tau beach with these crazy monkeys.

And then what?

Drank some beers, ate some food, waited for the sunset... This occasion helped me understanding the 'wasted youth' phrase...

Literally. I think we broke Khoi.

No, not enough. He is still alive and well.

cHA and aNam took care of the flower arrangements for both houses.

Dinner with Ba Thai at Lac Thai.

Took everyone to a tour in China Town.

Everyone liked it, except Jack.

Jack confirmed that he like it too. Sholto was then not-too-sure if he like it.

Looking good lovely dovey

Oh some weird cakes from a wedding in Nam, lets take a picture.

I think we broke Rita in the Ao Dai.

We lost Kirsten too.

But first, lets me have some snow in January IN VIETNAM.

The groom and his boys.

"Did someone just fart?" said Jack.

Street food in style.

Joannah wanted to say hiiiiii~

Pho-king delicious.

Street food for the win.

I love this picture so much!

Simon Phan

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