15 things

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

2015 & 15 things you may not know about me

1. I'm still pretty ok with organized messes
2. I dislike plastic cutlery intensely
3. My least favourite fruit is Vu Sua
4. I'm under the stars of Leo and my moon is Virgo (HHoa is Virgo woohoo)
5. I have uncontrollable mood swings that need to put an end to and I would be thankful if anyone can share helpful tips regarding this matter
6. I often wander - physically and mentally so don't be surprised I forget things even though its being said face-to-face (and sometimes repeatedly)
7. I do judge the book by its cover but I also accept things for what they are
8. Simon is not my real name (sorry). Duy (Ooui) it is
9. I'm grateful for my life and I believe every little things happen for a reason and fate exists
10. I do not believe in fortune telling and I don't like being said or told by the so-call higher power / forces
11. My alter ego is my worst enemy
12. Multi-tasks is one of my weaknesses and I wish to be better at it soon (as long as stress is not the ultimate side effect)
13. I'm a cat person that loves dogs too
14. I work better in the morning (with a cup of coffee of course)
15. Art & Design books / magazines would be the best gift(s) ever

Simon Phan

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