*Enjoying ice-creams in those shaking days with Su Cake and Moon Cake. lol*

For some reasons, my mind goes blank uncontrollably.
Rapidly comes back to reality, rolling in my bed after one of my laziest days in this year.
Woke up in the early morning with the itchy legs; 'Fucking bastards' i mumbled to those annoying mosquitoes that disturbed me. Hardly care to turn the light on and push myself to concentrate to smash them as hard as I could, I laid down but could not go back to sleep. 5:15 the clock said.
Hearing the creaking sound at the main door downstair. Dad just left.

'Shall I join him for a walk in the morning ?'
'Nah, it's too late.'
'Well, never mind.'

From this time, the laziest day began with 7 hours stay in bed doing nothing literally, including checking FB unstoppable with no reasons and playing nonsense games on my Ipod, nothing literally...
Time flew.
Dad called asking what I want to eat for lunch.

'Cơm sườn, chả, er.... '
'Có xíu mại, con ăn không ?'
'Thôi, sườn, chả, ... trứng ốp la, cơm thêm.'
'Cơm thêm nữa ha.'
'Uh, rồi con chờ ba về ăn ha.'

Have a small silly-bad-ass argument with Dad when he brought everything home, everything except my 'cơm thêm' and offering me to share half of his rice in that small little take-away box. I turned ridiculously mad while he said he eats little recently, I know and that's why I want him to have the whole box himself, its not that much seriously, we all know how much rice those cheeky restaurant put in. Bastard.
And ... I do eat more after I came back from my trip to father town. I know, maybe he didn't.
Or just because of the exhausted body that needs more resting time, not to be woke up at 5 and could not stand wasting energy doing nothing in bed, that ruined my mood this noon.
See. Thinks back, I turned stupidly mad, I did tell him that after all, he laughed at his silly son and said he knew. Well, I think he just said it to make me over my stubbornness myself. Pfffff !!!

Meeting those old faces made me feel happier, the day became brighter... a little bit. Old, fun, fact memories were being retold in the cosy table at MOF, indoor, luckily.
We giggled at it, and catching up what people doing these days.
Naming people in our old classes, who we sat next to, where are they now, which uni they are at, where are they living now etc...

'Kết thúc gì đâu vô duyên !'. You will say this TO MY FACE the next time you see me. I just realize I do miss London much after all.

'Dirty old river, must you keep rolling
Flowing into the night
People so busy, makes me feel dizzy
Taxi light shines so bright
But I don't need no friends
As long as I gaze on Waterloo sunset
Im in paradise.'

Imagine 'The Kinks' is singing in my room, I'm leaving these familiar places to go to other familiar places. In the new one, the twist of life makes everything seems less 'complicated'... well ... not THIS complicated, maybe only this complicated... (but still tough as things clearly are when you have to think on your feet.)
Gradually, reluctantly, I myself will have to decide. Up till now, clearly neither me nor future me want to face it i declare. *sigh*

Simon Phan

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