Visiting Magma always makes me happy. I love spending my time looking through design books and magazines there, it feels like being in my own world and take my time observing.

I don't remember the title of the book (those kind of books that give you ideas what to do with boring blank pages by suggesting you what to do with it, really simple yet exciting that you can't wait to try), I clearly remembered one specific line: 'Cover the sun with a finger'. Giggling myself a bit as it made me think back about the day I stayed up all night and decided to have an early morning walk, tried to photograph sunrise. Forgetting the facts about London The Big Smoke, I felt utterly silly and realized how excited i was at that time. Besides, the fresh air in the morning was really good.

Back to the topic, as I left Magma, turned around at the corner and surprisingly the sun was out, bright and shine. The line kept showing in my head, I stopped, took out my camera, covered the sun with a finger and snapped.

And yeah, that was such a joyful thing to do on a rare sunny Sunday.
I started my day a little rough as coming from nowhere, I dreamt about her and it brought back strong memories that have been hiding deep inside me. I woke up and could not control my emotional feeling, like a little child waking up in the middle of the night, scare that someone is coming after him.
Luckily, I met my baby online and shared it with her. Being able to share it, to talk about it makes me feel much better, better than running away or ignoring it, like I used to do... Thank you babe.

Grocery shopping. According to the plan, I need to head out to China Town to get some oriental food like a box of 6 charchiu buns, frozen wantons and some egg tarts and sponge cakes too. But no, after treating myself a hot pork bun (it was alright, edible... well, it's not as good as I thought it should be), I headed out to the opposite direction and went to M&S to get some pizzas and ready-made meals instead. Great offers at M&S where you can get 3 meals for £5 and some good mixed salads, 2 for £3.
Promise to myself to follow the plan next time.
Oh no, I'm craving for oriental food again...

Simon Phan

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