Ditching work

Yupp, I'm skipping Student Rep's work! 2 days in a row now.

Feeling so good / bad at the same time but I could not help it! This brought me back to that specific moment when I finished my intensive, over-enthusiastic 150-word essay about yourself and why you would be a qualified candidate for the UAL Student Rep's role. Big words they were. Why did I sign up for this in the first place! 50% blaming the odd London's summer weather and my depressing period around mid August.

Admittedly, I did have a whole-hearted attitude before my trip back to Saigon and after the training day. Things were not as expected at all?! I thought it would be like last year, help with filling goodie bags with information, freebies and sweets, plus training for the Big Fayre etc. Fun things, not awful things such as running around halls calling freshers to go parties / buy tickets to parties / dragging them out of their "lairs"/ disturbing them while they were sleeping at 5-6 in the afternoon. (Damn freshers!! Am I too old for that stuff?!)

Meeting other Reps was okay-ish, except from the "too-much-information" break time when they started to talk ways too deep and too graphic about sex / ways to get laid during Fresher Week / doing it while you are drunk etc. My mouth was laughing but my mind screamed for help.

But anyway, will go to the Big Fayre tomorrow to help out for a first-good-few-hours then I shall varnish through the aiirrrr r r r r r . . .  

Simon Phan

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