'He got it. And he got us'

Yes, it's Steve Jobs, that's who I am talking about. Some words from  Partrick Burgoyne, 'Creative Review's editor that hit me hard and made me has an urge to write this note. (after awhile ignoring surrounding people who non-stop talking about Steve for the past weeks)

"It has often been said that is not a technology company but a design company. It redesigned the way we live and gave us tools to do it. Its products were not just the best looking but also offered the best user experience. The interfaces, the materials, even the boxes the products came in were leagues ahead, as were the advertising."

I could not agree more. My first laptop ever luckily was a 'Mac', MacBook Pro 17". It's been nearly 4 years and still 'looking good' I must say, not to mention myself as the worst user ever in term of taking care of things I own (FYI: dropped it more than twice and tried to catch it with my left foot; there was a period of time I did not turn off my mac, main board broken, unexpected inflated batterieS which Apple agreed to give me a new one if it happens again etc).

I always tell this my friends who consider switching to Mac-user: 'You won't regret it!'. I'm a mac-user and proud of it. Not really that matter, but I think because it not only changed the way I do thing, but also help me out a lot for my education, for my studies. Thanks to my Mac, no more 'online-games' for me since 2008, but to be honest, I did get addicted to online-games in my 'youth age' that I even asked my friend to install Window system on my Mac just to play them. It lasted 2 months, too much efforts switching back and forth between the two, my brain and heart finally settled with Mac.

Sticking with Mac system, I have experienced a-good-4-year-without-worrying-about-viruses. How cool is that while most of my friends still running around finding the best anti-virus software! What is virus anyway!

Well, not so much about Steve Jobs, I don't know him that much, he just appeared to myself as one name, one face out of millions. But I do admire his genius mind for technology and his gigantic contributions to the world and made people believe in 'Think Different', I must say.

I couldn't not imagine life without my Mac, it just dissolved into my life and becoming one of the most important things that I could not live without.
Of course it was not all down to Jobs... but he got it, and he got us.


Simon Phan

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