Weekend always comes with high expectations from me.
There should be a plan, or at least an activity. Nice weather of course, even better with some sunlights.
Traveling, wandering, exploring, walking, attending, hanging out etc.
Last sunday, I was sad after coming back from Prague the previous day and decided to visit Victoria and Albert. There was an exhibition about Diaghilev & his Ballets Russes. It was the last day as well, which means saying 'Sorry' or 'Excuse me' becoming your only spell to get through people.
It was sunny all day, which was great but not in a way because it reminded me of those sunny days in Prague, and yes, I ended up missing her.

Today, Sunday the 16th, coincidently is my rental payment day. Holding a miniatured house model (which has a magnet at the back, usually to stick onto the fridge) as a little souvenir, I went upstair to meet my landlord and his wife.
I was talking to Anna while Piers was making us three a nice cup of cappuccino. Updating about what we did during the holiday and how is life treating us recently, I was happy to tell them my stories and obviously I was amusing hearing theirs too.
Piers told me a story about how they nearly got to Prague, but not quite.
'It was their anniversary a long time ago, 10-15 years. We booked the tickets, the nice hotel in the center of the city, we went to the airport, flew all the way to Prague. Everything was smooth but then, the problem occurred in the very last stage, entering through the Visa control gate. I was through but Anna was stuck there because of her Australian passport, they did not let her through. We then had to stay in the airport for the night and took the first flight in the following morning to get back to London, we slept in the carpet.'
'No, It was a bare cold floor.' -Anna said angrily-
'Are you sure dear, I remembered there was a carpet. Never mind, yeah, so unluckily, we nearly got there.' -Piers giggled-
What a sad story, I asked them if they have ever tried to revisit Prague again and 'No, we haven't been there since.'
I hope I cheered them up a little by telling them some of the attractions I've been to in Prague with my girlfriend, the beauty of Prague is just simply stunning and telling them they should go.

Our chit chat went on for an hour with all the topics, from Anna's adopted Vietnamese nephew to my sister's promotion in Norway. It has been a good day so far.
And while I was telling my stories in Prague, the memories just kept coming back to me, it was like yesterday... And I know I'm saying it a lot but I say what I really want to say, I miss you baby and I mean every single word.

Simon Phan

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