May day 02

Woods : At Echo Lake
This is what i am listening now.
In the mood for some Indie music
to pull a trigger for my wild brain to do whatever it wants

I went out to Broadway market yesterday, I didnt know exactly why I want to go there, suddenly you wanted to go, called your friend and then you was at the place you want to go.
I found some good stores around, especial this fabric store, i think the name was fabriana or something like that. And there was a clearance ! Best thing ever ! I found some good materials for my coursework, not sure what to do yet but we will see :).

It's May already, the more I know, the more I think about the term 'Life is too short'. Yeah, I, a human being, always greedy, always ask for whatever I can get. I bought my flight's ticket back home this summer already and I'm really looking forward to that ... sunshine, golden sand, sky blue beach, riding motorbike, chill with friends, spend time with my family ... you know !!


There was a cat in store that attract all the customer, his name was Tom I think.

Simon Phan

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