"A quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog"

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This is probably the 100th time I've heard, seen or being bombarded with this quote in the graphic world.

To be precise, calling it a sentence would be more correct as it isn't really from any books, films or movies. I remember the first time I knew about this impossible-to-not-know sentence is from the book art exhibition's poster in my college years ago, where it was being beautifully illustrated with graphics and hand-drawn typefaces. Back then, it reminded me of an non-existence Penguin's Children Book that I thought there were one (oh poor me-in-the-past!). The book would be about a relationship of one old dog and a cheeky young fox (dur!).

I could possibly start telling you about one quarter of a thousand little stories happens between the two imaginary characters of mine but I think you would possibly come up with one by now. But here comes today where I asked myself this very question that is the core of which urged me to write this post: "What is this really about?"


I looked it up and utterly happy with the answer I was looking for. It's not about the book, a film nor about the mentioned animals in the sentence. It's simply just a sentence that contains every letter in the alphabet. (Yes, you can look and count now.)

Beside how random and unexpected it was, I love to realize that I learnt something new today. (and you too!)

Simon Phan

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