About Books.

I judge a book by its cover. Literally.

No, I'm not saying or putting it in any suitable contexts but the book's cover itself.

Admittedly, I hardly read and countless time attempt to finish those that I already started. It's a very, very sad, annoying truth about myself that I willingly change whether it happens by nature or any possibilities. Sometimes things like habits, rituals, routines... fix themselves for a better sake of your being, I believe.

I've been very tempted of bring new books home lately. Those with beautiful covers, flirting with your eyes by its colourfulness,  sitting nicely on the shelves with a shiny 'New Best Seller' label like a medal of honour, you don't even realize you are falling under their spell until you finish pressing you pin number and return the card-reader machine to the cashier, the moment you finally own them, hold them with your hands.

However, there are exceptional occasions where I broke the spell, unleash my soul and start making critical decision. Like some serious life-and-dead matters involved. I would start gathering more information such as what is this actually about; will it be a good read (more like an easy read, for me aka those people that have serious reading issue, dur!); can I get something out of it; can I relate; can I finish it; and most important, noting the names down so I can do a little price-comparing, you know, I have to 'amazon' where can I get the cheapest books from, with free postage of course.

A vast majority of time, irresistible book covers would just do me justice. First impression counts, not to mention I'm a graphic design, you wooed me, you got me. Therefor, I'm having a very hard time juggling with the thought of buying new books. After a few rounds of beating yourself up on not buying things that you'd like to own very much, it eventually comes to the very core question for spending-money issue: "Do you reaaaaally need this?", "Are you sure!?". . .

5 minutes ago, I just discarded all the items on my Amazon's trolley... I dont know why. I reckon if I like them very much, I would get them straightaway at the bookstore earlier today. I figure from now on, I need to officially establish the 1-for-1 rule which requires me to finish one book first then I can start getting a new one home. Optimistically, I think it will work. So . . . more reading before bed! Less one-episode-of-any-television-series routine.

Simon Phan

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