Reality check

Reality sucks. But that does not mean you cannot live a normal happy life.

This would be the second time a movie has taught me this life lesson. Pretty much in the same category with Precious (2009), North Country (2005), a type of multi-awards-nominations-movie that I would only recommend you watch by yourself, take your time, breathe in all the small details... and freely weep like a baby at the ending!

If Precious surrounded by the life of an overweight, abused, illiterate teen that might be a little depressing to watch, North Country went for another route to get to our sympathetic heart by retelling a semi-fictionalised account of a group of female miners who endured a hostile work environment and numerous insults and continuous sexual harassment (which is somehow less upsetting to see i guess).

Life sometimes can be easily taken for granted, reality check every now and then is what we all need. These horrible upsetting events can happen anywhere, any times that make our life troubles become mere zero. We are on the driver seat of our own life and we decide where to go and what we deserve.

I would not say North Country is one of my favourite film but it has definitely reshape my unorganised thoughts and put things into perspective. Thanks Niki Caro for this sparkling gem!

p/s: a youtube clip featuring my favourite part of the movie, enjoy!

Simon Phan

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