Age of Confusion - Part 1

Nice picture of nice mailboxes to attract new likes!

At the moment, we human finds ourselves in the middle of a war where communication technology suddenly can become a threat to our daily life and other human-being behaviours. Nowadays, mobile phones have released an unlisted function that put all its smart-phone functions aside, an excuse for anti-social behaviour in today’s society.

I’m not saying it’s a bad thing but something is telling me that the power of such endearing option is too much to handle. It is too accessible in a way that can easily unconsciously abused. While hanging out with a group of closed friends
where current topic didn’t cover your interests, you would rather check your Instagram for new update or when greeting new people over a coffee can cause awkward silent so why not prevent the awkwardness by rename the situation to excuse-me-I-need-to-check-my-phone silent.

Another potential damage suggested by David Waters in his new column featured in Elle Decoration UK September issue: “Today, when a friendship ends, we’ll nonchalantly click the ’unfriend’ button on Facebook or, perhaps, ignore our former friend’s emails like so much spam. We are no more likely to write a 2,000-line elegy expressing our torment at friendships lost than to risk revealing our feelings of envy, anger or hurt to the person we once cared about so much.” 
We would rather disconnect our emotional feelings to express ourselves and there is no greater way of demonstration than just simply click ‘unfriend’, ‘ignore’ or ‘hide’ button. 

A new definition of the word ‘like’ appears through social media and it sadly exists in an antonym form somehow. To like cannot just simply mean you like something, to like something on social media can suggest that you’ve already seen new updates from a friend or a tool to help make a friend’s day better, not necessarily concern the fact that you really like the picture or not. The level of engagement between the subject and human expression is distorted to the point that breaks the original concept of liking. 

A few main points that my conscious brain has detected and have been causing confusing thoughts about our modern society where life is surrounded by smart phones, social media updates and not so much of a face-to-face conversation. An age when it is utterly update-satisfying when you see your friends’ new feeds telling what they are doing, what food they are eating and where they have been to etc. Hence no need to meet for a quick catch-up no more. . . How scarily convenience! 

Simon Phan

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