Uh oh

Today is one of those days when I just could not do anything literally.
I felt asleep early last night, 9ish as I remembered, after having 2 bowls of rice with pumpkin soup and an ice-cream for dessert ... Obviously I was full ! Too full to go to sleep although the tiredness was kicking in since I haven't gave myself enough sleep recently.

The tiredness managed to do the trick and made me sleep without noticing. It was a nice-long-sleep, deep sleep actually, which is really good, no dreams, no sudden-wake-up in the middle of the night.

Waking up by feeling the extra warmth from my legs, which were left outside the blanket, I now knew today is a sunny day. Having a bow of cereal for breakfast and moved myself to the table, I want to stay indoor and do work. I've been staring at my laptop for almost 5 hours doing nothing but watching random videos on Youtube, stalking my friends on Facebook, feeling jealous of people who just went to the beach and uploaded lots of photos ...

Maybe its another me inside, which want a holiday, a summer holiday so bad, that didnt let the real me to do work.

Paul Bowman, one of my tutor, once said : 'Sometimes, when you feel lost, which is not a bad thing, it makes you work harder, and push your ideas further. Be ambitious.' I did feel lost yesterday, after having a small group tutorial about the project we have at the moment for Illustration pathway. Thought it would make me depressing for couple days but thinking about the fact that everyone is the same, it is the early stage, you have to feel lost, you have to figure out what to do.

Well ... I'm such a LAME person, giving my friends advices but then struggling finding solution for my own problems. Maybe I should take one of my advices which was said BY ME earlier to a friend of mine, lets aiming for the 3-month-summer-holiday in the super-near-future and force yourself to work hard for only 4 weeks from now on. See what you get, it is like a pleasure fact that is 3 times better !!

Simon Phan

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