"Hey boy
Where's your girlfriend?
She needs your attention
Hey boy
Where's your little girl tonight?

My steady girl
Don't always say
That she's in love with me
But I can feel it in the way
She gives me hugs
And kisses too
And I get so many
I don't need any from you

Is she tellin' lies?
No, no, she wouldn't do that
What about those guys?
No, no, no, no, they're just her fools
And besides, I'm cooler than them ..."
ha. hilarious lyric with the softness within the way they sang, not so bad for a foggy sunday :).

An urge of cleaning is kicking in.
But I need something.
As usual, when the need of new music comes,
realizing the next button has been pushed too many times in the row,
I typed : in the bar.
Skimmed and scanned
And when got it, download it and hear it repeatedly with shuffle mode on, that just the way I feel those new spirits...
Of course listening when I'm doing something else, good example is while do some cleaning, and yeah, sketches too.

P/s : Notting Hill Carnival starts today !! Will go and check out :D !!

And this is me, 2 years ago when I first went to Notting Hill Carnival.

Simon Phan

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