Get fit.

Since HH said 'Yes', we both extremely cautious about our health issue, the weight problem to be specific. So HH is being straight-forward and go directily for a low-carb diet routine, which will never ever going to be applicable to me unless HH loves my mood-swing and hot-headed temper, which she does not if you don't know.

Not since yesterday did I urgently need to get myself into shape. Well... to be precise, I let myself go the day before with 3 full meals and 2 cups of sweet soup dessert before bed. 
How did I feel? 
Terrible and feel like a pig of course! 
The morning after was worst. 
I look at myself, 
my unstoppable fattening face,
my rounded-shaped stomach.
These need to put an end to!

So I'm forcing myself to go to the gym more frequently, more than just 1-2 times per week. 
I would love to reach to the level of daily and I would realistically asked myself what I was thinking? So yeah, 4 times per week to start with. 
But talking about making effort to go to the gym... It just too much for some specific reasons: 

• Preparation 
Preparation is just overwhelming. Towel, sportswear as in T-shirt and pants, headphone, locker lock, extra underwear, extra T-shirt, shampoo, body wash etc. Ugh. You will end up with a chunky bag to carry with... and what did I miss? Oh yeah, you have to carry with you to work. 

• Group Exercise 
Don't get me wrong, I love love love group exercise. The group dynamic energy is great! It makes you feel like you belong and you fight for the same purpose. But to get into that wanted class, you need to come 30 mins before it starts. And even if you actually going to some of your precious spare time to do so, spaces are taken in a split minute a.k.a in a wink, which will let you and your pals depressingly go on a normal machinery running / cycling routines. Its ridiculous. 

• Personal Space
Yes. Who are not being look at in the gym? None. Because we human like to compare one to another to make themselves better. Maybe it is just me but don't you get whispering whimsical imaginative comments about yourself (your appearance, your health, your fatness, your muscle, your height, your hair, your clothes...) when someone in the gym who are so fit that your eyes hurt while looking at their triceps? 

But well, you gotta do what you gotta do ey! 
I'm picking myself up and asking myself nicely to make effort to get fit. 
All negatives mentioned-above aside, sometimes you just have to think for yourself if things make you healthier and happier, would you do it? 
And I've just put this on my Facebook status last night after going to the gym from 9pm to 11pm, after feeling much much better about myself and about to get a good sleep, my motto: "If you want something bad enough, you will make it happen."


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