A tiny snowflake.

"Like a tiny snowflake!" - It what it felt like when I heard the sad news of a friend who has passed away. By cancer. We were the same of age, mid-twenty something, stubborn, still figure things out. You know. Step-by-step.

I met Th. only 2 times. Both at flea-markets where he and his friends had a table selling their arts. Young, inspirational and always try out new things, like selling hand-made printed paper hats for the summer and some hand-painted wood-carving little monster for Halloween. I didn't talk to Th. much but like everyone around him, I enjoy the good vibes he gave out.

How small a life could be? You'll never know.

Tet has ended 2 weeks ago but I feel like it's still somehow draining my energy.
Things that left undone, un-touch from the old to the new year. Or maybe it's just work. The imbalance between work and personal life. Your itching-creative-self that oozing out its subconsciousness and begging for the attention.

Nothing is more horrid than the fact that you know how ignorance you are towards your inner voice.
Thanks Th. to help adding the big massive volume to my inner voice. The sound of new things, new ideas of my own that waiting to be cook and serve. 2016, new things are coming.

Thank you Th. and see you in the next life.

Simon Phan

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