Previously in my life, actually, what happening at the moment:

3-cups-of-coffee-a-day level of stress due to many reasons, particularly these 2: visa process and work. Mainly the visa thing as it takes so much patient that I don't think I have enough to give - hence, it gives me hell and I'm trying my best to ignore it.

Entering a healthy stage of life, me and HH both hitting the gym at least 3 times a week and it has been happening for over 2 months. One of the highlights that keep us going is that we see results - mentally and physically. It did and it will always take time and efforts but your attitude does change from self-doubting and negativity to ambition and positive.

Slowly working out ideas and systems for our start-up idea of a stationary / art design shop... I do have high hope for this "baby" and will definitely give it all to make it works.

Urgh. My mind is flipping back to thinking all horrible visa-rejection scenarios at the moment. Well, sucking it up, its 7 more days!

Simon Phan

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